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Awkward Training = Readiness

Here’s an awkward way of training the lower back. As a bonus, hamstrings and glutes will also feel the burn. Building up this area will help to snatch your waistline. Still people say you should not train like this, but what if life catches you like this?
The dog that jumps into your lap at the wrong moment, the baby who crawls off the couch; let’s not even talk about the sports you want to play. They are all interesting ways to PULL A MUSCLE that you have not used in a while. I once pulled a muscle while putting my damned shoes on :(

Strict form training, in the conventional sense, (X,Y) is good for bulking up, but real strength comes from all the muscles working together. The stabilizers you don’t see, the antagonists no one looks at, they require awkward positioning to stretch them out… like yoga. Why not do a CAREFUL version of weighted yoga to build? Everyone is strong enough, but what’s your intention behind it? My aim is endurance, which eventually becomes strength… (not size) so I always pick an easy weight and take it slow. This is life training

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