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Relax, breathe… then stretch.
I honestly spend more time working on health and wellness than anything. Create conditions where prosperity flows your way, but aggressively seek out physical, mental and spiritual harmony. Don’t let societal pressures take control.

You are most certainly invited to join me on the journey. It’s extremely important that you travel at your own pace though. Don’t rush into anything, and (of course) CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN 🙂 This is not rehab advice or even exercise instruction. It is simply a record of what I have been doing.

My Philosophy: (Notes to SELF)
– You will forever be as young as you LIVE.
– You are every bit as powerful as you KNOW you are.
– You are the sum of your habits, not your years.

Awkward Training = Readiness

Here’s an awkward way of training the lower back. As a bonus, hamstrings and glutes will also feel the burn. Building up this area will help to snatch your waistline. Still people say you should not train like this, but what if life catches you like this? The dog that jumps into your lap at…

Couch Potato Stretches

I admit to being a chronic couch potato. Some people never want to get off the couch. I am one of them. Leg cramps are a thing though, and sometimes they come out of nowhere. Here are a few movements to help you stretch out while relaxing at home. Arms, legs, core, cardio… It’s hard to…

Beginners Neck Stretch

If you aren’t careful your neck will ruin your entire day. Muscles contract, and we need to keep them lengthened by stretching. People who do yoga on a daily basis are winning. People who have to work, keep up with kids, travel, etc., need to make time. Here is a simple neck stretch you can…

Start By Breathing

The idea of Kinetic Deep Breathing combines breath and movement. Breathe in through the nose (expand), out through the mouth (contract). Still I visualize that the breathing is taking place within the abdomen. This is an abbreviated version of Chinese Qi Gong. That area is called the TanTien. It is considered to be the center…

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